Hi Steve, This is Keah. We met Friday night in Edmonton at Sound Wave. I'm the new singer who is on the bill with T-Pain and Nelly at their upcoming show in April. Unfortunately we didn't get the chance to talk more after your show. (which I really loved btw).


I've taken the liberty to put together a playlist of the songs we've  tracked in the last couple months. 2 are already released, the other 4 aren't .  

I hope we cross paths again soon. All my social media links are below if you'd like to reach out or follow me. 


I'd really love to know what you think of my songs and would appreciate any feedback or comment you may have on them. 


Thanks Steve, hope to see you again.   KEAH

KEAH is a 19 year old pop/urban vocalist .  The songs included here are released ** and unreleased songs co-written by KEAH and her producer PCB. They were tracked recently over a one month period. KEAH has investors and managers who own a commercial recording studio thus giving her easy access to a well equipped professional studio. 


KEAH is a versatile artist, a strong vocalist and has a good stage presence. We are looking to track and release a single monthly for the next several months while working on building her fan base through social media, radio plugging,video and live performances.    

Find Myself has got a Michael Jackson homage retro style beat to it. KEAH and producer PCB have put a 2018 spin on it.


Roller Coaster is pure pop with a memorable hook.

Ridin' Royal is nestled in a trap beat and shows KEAH singing in her lower register.

Young Love is a lively summer song. This mix has large gaps in it and will be released with a male voice in those spaces.

Rain is ballad, all the way. It has wide demographic appeal and really demonstrates KEAH's vocal abilities. 

Ragga promises to get you on the dance floor. Raggamuffin music  originated in Jamaica in the 1980's and is typically referred to as Ragga. KEAH and PCB's version will make everyone move.